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Step 3: Score & Improve your resume

Last Updated: May 28, 2012 09:48AM CDT
Upon entering your work history, Resunate can score your resume against any job description and help you improve it. If you have not already entered a job description when you got started, we recommend that you copy-paste a job description of at least 40 words into the "Enter Job" module in the navigation bar at the top of the page.  

This information will enable you to get a JobFocus™ Score - a measure of how well the qualifications in your resume match to the job. The JobFocus™ Score takes into account keywords, relevant phrases and depth of experience. For example, if a job description mentions "Accounting", experiences in your resume with related phrases (such as "CPA") are considered a good match to the job, especially if these related phrases are across multiple years. 

To get your JobFocus™ Score, click on the "Score & Optimize Resume" module in the navigation bar.  The module will expand and you will see your current JobFocus™ Score.

To increase your score, you can make manual changes by clicking on-screen to edit content. As you make changes, your JobFocus™ Score automatically updates. Color indicators we call "scorelettes" appear next to each bullet point and experience after you click Calculate. These scorelettes show a visual indicator of how well each item in your resume matches to the job. You can click on the scorelettes to see the relevancy of each element of your resume. The darker the scorelette, the more relevant the content. 

You can also maximize your JobFocus™ score for a particular page length by selecting a desired page limit and clicking Auto Focus (shown below). Powered by Semantic Intelligence™, Resunate selects the most relevant aspects of your resume that can fit within your requested page limit. To ensure no gaps are created in your resume when you Auto Focus, simply select No Experience Gaps.  You can also select to automatically reorder your bullet points in descending order of relevancy upon clicking Auto Focus. 

To achieve your desired page limit, Auto Focus places content that is less relevant under the Removed Info header in the left-hand side of your screen. This information is color coded to indicate how well each item matches to the job. To add back any information, simply click on the item and it will be restored to your resume.

Similarly, information you delete from your resume is also placed in Removed Info and can be restored at any time. To remove information manually, click on the "Remove from this resume" arrow button in the upper-right hand side of the bullet point or entire experience you would like to remove. 

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