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What is a good JobFocus™ score?

Last Updated: May 27, 2012 01:52PM CDT
If you score less than a 5.0, it may be a strong indicator that you are either under-qualified for the position or that you need to expand more on your relevant qualifications. If you are under-qualified, we highly recommend you do more to network within the company where you're applying. However, what score is good enough to secure an interview can largely depend on how competitive is the industry or how in-demand are your skills. 

If you are qualified for a job, it can take a few minutes to go from a score of as low as 4.5 to a 10.0. You can do this by tailoring your content on the on-screen preview of your resume, or by using Auto Focus to select the most relevant content for a prescribed page limit. Most well-qualified candidates score around 8.0 to 10.0 after just a few minutes of tailoring and using the Auto Focus feature.

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