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How do I improve my JobFocus™ score?

Last Updated: May 28, 2012 12:16PM CDT
There are many ways you can maximize your JobFocus™ score. Generally, the goal is to make your resume more relevant by focusing it for the job description you've pasted into Resunate. This means improving the content of your resume so it's more relevant and eliminating information that's superfluous. For one, if your resume is longer than one or two pages, you can use Auto Focus to select and rearrange only the most relevant aspects of your resume for a particular page limit. To specify a page limit, click on the settings image within Auto Focus.

Within these settings you can also specify that you want your bullet points re-ordered so that your information is rearranged to show bullets in descending order of how relevant they are to the job description. You can observe the re-ordering of your bullet points using the color indicators we call "scorelettes". Scorelettes appear next to each bullet point and experience to show how relevant each element of your resume is to the job.  The darker the green, the more relevant the element is to the job. You can click on individual scorelettes to find out the relevancy of each bullet point. 

Additionally, you can manually edit your resume by clicking on the on-screen preview. As you make changes, your JobFocus™ score will update automatically to show you if you're improving your resume. We recommend looking at the keywords within the job description for creating content that addresses the skills required by the employer. 

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